Salesforce Facebook Conversion Integration

Integrate Salesforce With The Facebook Conversion API. No Engineering Support Required.

✅ Increase lead quality using Salesforce MQLs, SQLs, and OPPs as conversion signals.

✅ Improve performance measurement and in platform attribution.

✅ Decrease your CPL and increase your MQL conversion rate.

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Connect and increase your advertising ROI.

Use your highest intent conversion data to provide the strongest signal for ad platforms to personalize and optimize campaign performance.​​

Optimize your ads for
higher quality leads.

Use your highest intent conversion data to provide the strongest signal for ad platforms to personalize and optimize campaign performance.

No development
work required.

Improve ad performance by tying your sales data back to ad platforms with real-time CRM event data. No developers or BI team required.

Better in-platform
advertising attribution.

Increase lead quality with smart bidding and enhanced conversion tracking for improved performance and attribution.

Start using ConversionStream to:

📈 Scale MQLs globally across Mid-Market, Corporate, and Strategic segments using value-based lookalikes.

💰 Activate timely and relevant ads across channels to the same people being contacted by your outbound team.

📉 Reduce your CPL optimizing campaigns with server-to-server Salesforce events.

Get started today. No credit card required.
Start sending high-intent Salesforce audiences and conversion events to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads to improve lead efficiency and scale MQLs. With pricing starting at just $500 per month, businesses of all sizes can easily take advantage of this powerful tool.

Why we built ConversionStream

Our team has collectively spent over $50 million on advertising across many B2B and lead gen businesses, and we have seen the challenges of driving high quality leads consistently.

We built ConversionStream to help marketers drive higher quality leads as simply and easily as possible.
you activate your first data stream.


ConversionStream makes it easy to leverage machine learning and smart-bidding capabilities on ad platforms to optimize campaigns for higher ROI.

Better attribution

We enable a reporting attribution and optimization solution for a cookie-less web. Let ConversionStream give you the insight you've lost with platform changes.


We built ConversionStream to give marketers the tools to optimize campaigns simply and without engineering or development dependencies.

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